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FAQ Ski slope

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for an overview of all Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not there? Then please contact us on +31 (0)45 54 70 700.

Ski slope

Must I make a booking for free skiing?

For free skiing and free snowboarding, you need to reserve a time slot online. Rental equipment is optional and can be booked in the ticket shop. There is always sufficient material in stock, as there is always plenty in supply. You can come here 365 days a year.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

The temperature is -5°C on the pistes at SnowWorld. Warm clothing is recommended and gloves are compulsory. A helmet is compulsory.

You can hire a ski suit and helmet here, and purchase gloves.

Can I hire ski clothes at SnowWorld?

Here you can hire a ski suit, shoes and helmet. Gloves can be purchased.

Do you have enough equipment in supply?

Yes, every SnowWorld location has equipment in stock. Want to hit the slopes even faster? Then order your equipment now with your ticket in the ticket shop!

Does the time on my ski pass keep running when I leave the piste?

Your ski pass timer always stops when you leave the piste within the allotted time. The timer continues on your return to the piste. So you can feel free to leave the piste without the time on your ski pass running out.

Is wearing a helmet compulsory?

A helmet is compulsory.  You can rent a helmet for free or you can bring your own helmet.

For how long is a ski pass valid?

Ski passes purchased at the checkout are valid only for the day of purchase.

Online ski passes are valid for one year, up until the day they are cashed in.

Are spectators allowed too?

From our restaurant, spectators can easily watch what's happening on the pistes.

Are lockers available?

There are always enough lockers available to store your things. You pay €2.00 a time.

Can I snowboard at SnowWorld too?

Absolutely! You can bring your own, or hire one from us.

Am I allowed on the piste to accompany someone?

You are only allowed on the piste with a valid ski pass. If you want to be there with your children, partner, family or friends, you must have a ski pass. You can of course watch the pistes from our atmospheric piste restaurant. In the meantime, you can enjoy a sandwich, mug of soup, snack or a warm meal. But there's coffee, hot chocolate and apple strudel there ready for you too!

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are welcome at SnowWorld, provided they are accompanied and on a leash. Dogs are not allowed on the pistes.

Ski slope

How much is a piste ticket?

Find all prices and types of entry here!

See the prices
Slope 1

Red slope

400 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

400 meters

Fun park

200 meters

View the status of the park here

Slope 3

Green slope

60 meters

Slope 4

Blue slope

50 meters

Children's slope

Green slope

20 meters

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