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Corporate governance at SnowWorld

Information about corporate governance at SnowWorld N.V.


SnowWorld N.V. is a holding company based in the Netherlands. The shares in our company are listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

A good relationship with our investors is important to us and we are always open to their opinions and suggestions. Our AGM gives us a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas with our investors both formally and informally and we always try to take the remarks and suggestions they make there on board.

We believe in keeping our shareholders up to date and informed about how the company's business is going.

Our company supports the recommendations of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the "Code") in general and, in so far as reasonably possible, is committed to implementing and fulfilling relevant recommendations. The corporate governance statement will be presented at the next AGM.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for managing the company. It focuses on the interests of the group.

The daily Executive Board consists of:

  • CEO: W.F.D.M. Hubrechtsen (m / 1971)
  • COO: E. Schelling (f / 1971)
  • CFO: T. Melis (m / 1980)

Statutory directors of the company are:

  • W.F.D.M. Hubrechtsen (m / 1971)
  • E.Haeck (f / 1975)

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has the task of monitoring the Executive Board's policy and also monitoring general matters within the group. In addition, it will also advise the Executive Board. When carrying out their duties, the Supervisory Board members will focus on the interests of the SnowWorld group.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

  • K. Hoffman (m) - Chairman
  • F. Loncin (f)
  • L. Doesburg (f)


Click here for the most recent Dutch version of the Statutes of SnowWorld N.V.

Agenda general meetings of shareholders

Minutes general meetings of shareholders

Notulen AVA 26 september 2023
Notulen BAvA 17 Maart 2022
Notulen BAvA 28 januari 2022
Notulen AvA 26 maart 2021
Notulen AVA 13 maart 2020
Notulen AVA 15 maart 2019
Notulen BAVA 6 september 2018
Notulen AVA 16 maart 2018
Notulen AVA 12 maart 2015
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