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Corporate governance at SnowWorld

Information on corporate governance at SnowWorld N.V.


SnowWorld N.V. is a Netherlands-based holding company. We highly value a strong relationship with our stakeholders and are open to their advice and suggestions. The annual General Meeting of Shareholders provides us with a valuable opportunity to engage formally and informally with our stakeholders, taking their comments and suggestions into consideration. We believe in timely and adequate communication with our shareholders regarding the company's affairs.

One Tier Board

SnowWorld N.V. operates under a 'one tier board' structure, promoting clear and efficient governance where both executive and non-executive directors collaborate within the same board. This facilitates swift decision-making, enhances communication, and strengthens accountability. With this approach, companies can adapt flexibly to challenges and confidently pursue our objectives.

Board Composition:

  • Mr. W. Hubrechtsen - Executive Director
  • Mrs. E. Haeck - Non-Executive Director
  • Mrs. F. Loncin - Non-Executive Director
  • Mrs. N. Van Den Haute - Non-Executive Director

The Board of SnowWorld adheres to the key principles of Corporate Governance.

Good corporate governance is fundamental to SnowWorld. Emphasizing the Dutch Corporate Governance Code's core principles of transparency and shareholder rights is essential.

While SnowWorld appreciates the Code, it acknowledges that certain practices outlined therein may not align well with smaller listed companies, including SnowWorld. Consequently, SnowWorld, to some extent, deviates from the Code, as detailed in the Corporate Governance section of SnowWorld's Annual Report.


Click here to view SnowWorld N.V.'s Code of Conduct.

Click here to view the Insider Trading Policy (subject to updates).

Click here to view the Whistleblower Policy.

Click here to view the Shareholder Bilateral Contact Policy.


Click here for the most recent articles of association of SnowWorld N.V.

Agenda general meetings of shareholders

Minutes general meetings of shareholders

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Notulen AVA 26 september 2023
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