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Private ski or snowboard lessons

Per instructor, per 55 minutes

Private lessons

Would you like a one to one lesson? Or a lesson with just a group of friends? Book a private lesson for yourself or for groups up to 8 people.

  • 55 minutes of skiing or snowboarding lessons
  • 1-8 people - one-off € 50!
  • you choose the date and time
  • from beginners to experienced

One on one or in a group

A private ski or snowboard lesson lasts 55 minutes. You decide:

  • with how many people you want to attend the lesson (maximum 8 per instructor) and you only pay € 50 per teacher.
  • the level
  • the date and the time

The private instructor costs € 50.00 per 55 minutes. Excluding ski pass and equipment rental.

Price in May, June, July and August: € 30.00 per 55 minutes.

Beginner (no experience)
Slightly advanced (1 year of winter sports experience or 1 course followed, in the last 3 years)
Advanced (at least 2 years winter sports experience or 2 courses followed, in the last 3 years)
Very advanced (at least 3 years winter sports experience or 3 courses followed, in the last 3 years)
6 lessons for the price of 5!
This offer only applies if you book 6 private lessons at once and then pay 5 directly. The 6th private lesson is free of charge. This is not transferable and therefore valid for one person. Not valid in combination with the summer teacher and other options.

Book a private lesson

It is not possible to book private lessons on the following dates: 
  • Thursday February 28th
  • Friday March 1st
  • Saturday March 2nd
Are you not sure which level snowboarding you should choose? Click here.
Are you not sure which level skiing lessons you should choose? Click here.
Number of people
Would you like to book multiple lessons? Please let us know, then we will contact you as soon as possible!

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Blue slope

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Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

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30 meters

For the little ones

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