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SnowWorld Tickets

I already have a ticket

You already have a ticket or voucher code and would like to reserve a date and time slot. These can be regular SnowWorld tickets or a ticket from one of our external providers such as HEMA, Albert Heijn, Social Deal, Kruidvat, etc. Follow all steps and reserve a date and time slot. In your shopping cart you enter the (bar) code of your purchased ticket. After entering a valid (bar) code you can complete the reservation. You will receive a confirmation with the new ticket at the e-mail address you provided.

You must bring the regular ticket from SnowWorld or from an external provider along with the new ticket with time slot to SnowWorld. The tickets are checked at the entrance for validity and reservation of a time slot. There are no additional costs associated with reserving a time slot with an already purchased ticket. You pay the costs for an upgrade (equipment rental) directly when completing the order.

I have a discount card

You are in possession of a discount or discount coupon and would like to reserve a date and time slot. This is directly possible via the webshop with a discount coupon from the National Postcode Lottery Voordeelagenda 2021. Click on 'I have a discount coupon'. Please note, you must bring the new ticket with you to SnowWorld together with the discount coupon. You will gain access to the location by submitting the discount coupon and after checking the time slot. Please note, you cannot access SnowWorld without a discount coupon.

Do you have another discount coupon or do you receive a discount at SnowWorld on presentation of a membership card? Via 'I have a discount coupon' in the webshop you will find an application form that you can fill in to request your visit. Please note: this is not a definitive reservation. Our colleagues will contact you to plan a definitive moment. You will not be able to access SnowWorld without confirmation from one of our colleagues.


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Corona measures

SnowWorld is open according to the guidelines of the RIVM. Make sure you that are aware of all Corona measures at SnowWorld. With this page we will keep you informed of the Corona measures at SnowWorld.

Reserve with your subscription

You can reserve a time slot with the 'I have a subscription' step. Due to the limited capacity at SnowWorld, it is currently only possible to reserve 1 time slot per booking. You can reserve a new time slot on the day after your visit.