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SnowWorld's choice: the tastiest winter sports dishes

Anyone who has ever been to a winter sports vacation probably knows a tasty winter dish for lunch to regain your strength. But with so much choice, we'd like to give you a hand to help you pick the tastiest dishes during winter sports.


This sweet treat is also wildly popular as a pastry in the Netherlands, and is traditionally served with whipped cream or vanilla sauce. This Austrian-Hungarian pastry consists of dough with an apple-raisin filling. This snack is sometimes eaten for lunch, but is also great to enjoy with a cup of coffee.



Another delicacy is Kaiserschmarrn, a kind of fluffy, caramelized pancake that is sliced or cut into pieces. This traditional Bavarian/Austrian dish is often served together with raisins, a fruity compote and powdered sugar.


Grillhendl with fries and salad

Traditional it may not be, but it is very tasty: the roast chicken with fries and salad. A nice chicken from the grill is always a treat, right?

Goulash soup

This originally Hungarian dish is a perfect meal for mountain sports. This sturdy soup contains many vegetables and spices, as well as often a filling such as beef. This fluid but sturdy meal is definitely worth trying once.

Goulash soep


When you say cheese, you say Käsespätzle or Kasnocken. This "pasta" dish, as you might imagine, is packed with cheese and is traditionally served with fried onions and fresh salad. This dish is obviously very powerful, but is ideally suited to regain your strength.


Spaghetti Bolognese

This dish is not immediately tied to winter sports either, but this carbohydrate-rich meal should definitely not be missing from this list! Traditional with minced meat, carrot, celery, garlic, onion and fresh tomato sauce made from peeled tomatoes, this is a delicious dish that can also be enjoyed as lunch.

Wiener schnitzel with fries

Surely the number one winter sports dish is the Wiener schnitzel. Served with fries, a lemon and a salad. Unlike the schnitzel from the supermarket, the Wiener schnitzel is made from only veal, preferably fricandeau. After breadcrumbing this flattened piece of meat, it is briefly deep-fried before being served.


Tiroler Gröstl

If you ask us, surely one of the favorites: this potato dish is often ordered between ski sessions and contains bacon, roast beef and an egg in addition to potatoes. Originally this was a meal made from leftovers, but now it can't be left off the menu!

Tiroler Gröstl


These familiar "balls" probably won't escape your notice. A knödel is a ball made of dough, often a pasta, potato or bread dough. It is offered in many forms on menus, such as in a vegetable broth (knödel suppe) or a knödel with bacon (Tyrolean Speckknödel).

Currywurst with fries

Perhaps not the first dish you think of when you think of winter sports, but still frequently ordered in mountain huts! This originally German snack is nothing more than what it says: a tasty bratwurst with curry sauce.


Cheese fondue

What is a winter sport without a cheese fondue? This dish really needs no introduction: a cheese fondue is always a good idea! Yet there are many variations, the most famous being Swiss cheese with a touch of white wine. Gouda cheese, sometimes with delicious spices such as nettle or sambal, is also worth trying. Dip the tastiest vegetables and a fresh baguette in the melted cheese, guaranteed a feast!



The last potato dish is a tasty one, if we can help it. This potato cake of grated potatoes is fried crispy, usually in a round frying pan. Although they are also available in the Netherlands, we think they taste just a bit better in the Alps.

Alpine macaroni

Alpine macaroni, also called älplermagronen, is really nothing more than pasta with an Alpine touch. With cheese, cream, onions and bacon, it is a good filling dish, ideal for recharging yourself for an afternoon on the slopes.



This Swiss dish is an alternative "cheese fondue" and literally means "scraped" cheese. It is served in a myriad of ways, such as with bread, vegetables or fine meats.

You may have noticed that many of the dishes listed are pretty hearty. Not surprising, since the average skier burns about 1.400 to 1.600 calories per day! A good lunch is therefore of great importance, so you can get the most out of your winter sports. Are you also looking forward to having lunch at the mountains? We are! 

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