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Top 10 dingen die een après ski perfect maken

Guide to the ultimate après-ski experience

When you think of winter sports you think of a number of things; the white slopes, the beautiful views, the delicious food, but also definitely the après-ski with schnapps für allen! We have made a top 10, which provide the ultimate après-ski experience.

SnowWorlds top 10

1. Into the après-ski bar with skis and all! The stove is stoked when it's -10 outside. So is the bar. It makes more sense to take a shower before going to bed and, until then, show off your thermal clothing in the après-ski bar. Tip: as long as your hair is right, so use a hat to hide your "helmet hair.

2. How nice life is when the sun shines You can't come back from ski vacation without a good old "sunglass tan line." Enjoy it while the sun is still peeking over the mountain. Gives you a chance to give your legs a rest before hitting the dance floor.

3. Variety is healthy, they say. Schnapps, Glühwein, Radler, Jägermeister, the choice is endless! Of course, a glass of water between drinks will ensure that you will click back on your skis with fresh courage the next day!

4. Know your classics! If you like karaoke, après-ski bars are the place to be. The whole evening you can sing along loudly and without any shame with Helene Fischer and DJ Ötzi. So make sure you are well prepared! Our tip: Spotify playlist on the way there and you can't go wrong.

5. Where is that party? Here with us is that party! Good company is indispensable for a vacation to remember. And that very sociable friend who has never skied before but you want him to join you? At SnowWorld we are happy to get him ready during a ski lesson!

6. No waiting until late at night before you can hit the pub. The party can start right after your last descent. Even at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Plenty of time to enjoy the best hits. 

7. Starting early usually means going home early, so chances are you'll be somewhat fit on the slopes the next day.

8. Beer is usually served in mugs or pitchers in après-ski bars, so you don't have to go to the bar so often.

9. If you wear protection while skiing, you'll get home safely after après-ski drunk, too. No extra heavy hangover because you had a helmet on when you slipped on the ice on the way home.

10. That cute ski or snowboard instructor from this morning is guaranteed to be there during après-ski.

Get into the mood already

Après-ski like in the Austrian or French Alps you can also just do it in the Netherlands! The Bierstube at SnowWorld is the best place for a party. The cozy atmosphere, tasty drinks and the cheerful music of the disc jockeys will automatically get you in the right mood. The SnowWorld après-ski playlist will also get you in the mood for your winter sports.

Listen to SnowWorld's après-ski playlist here!

With these 10 things for the ultimate après-ski experience, one thing is certain. The après-ski is going to be good anyway!