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10 reasons why winter sports are more fun than sun vacations

A question many people often ask themselves: why is winter sports so much fun? The choice of winter sports or sun vacations for many winter sports enthusiasts is not as difficult as you think. Let us convince you why we cannot go without winter sports and already have our next ski vacations in our calendars!


1. Enjoy the most beautiful views... with sunshine!

There is something magical about a ski vacations to the mountains. There are plenty of ski resorts in Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy to choose from. Although with 25 degrees you'll also be outside a lot, it's that clean mountain air or those breathtaking views of white peaks that will keep you outside from early morning until late afternoon.

2. Going on winter sports together every year.... super cozy

Booking a winter sports vacation with your family or friends, it may sound terrifying but you can have the greatest adventures there together. Ever made a descent with the whole gang? Then you will recognize the recovery in the ski lodge afterwards. Very cozy! Ski trips with large groups are more than normal, and many ski resorts have beautiful chalets for larger groups.

3. The choice of (ski) clothing is easy to make

No need for dozens of shirts, dresses or pants... your ski outfit is easy to find. No stuffed suitcases or stressing about whether you can bring back a souvenir. 

Another plus: no one will be surprised if you wear the same ski jacket for a week. A bad-hair day doesn't matter, everyone looks the same after taking off their helmet.

4. The anticipation is slightly different.

Where a summer vacation starts with checking temperatures and checking in for your flight, a winter vacation is a little different. With the onset of winter, many winter sports enthusiasts are already itching. With that après-ski list in the car through the mountain villages or checking the snow predictions in the snow depth apps. Besides, invariably after every winter sport the question for the next year remains: when does winter start again?

5. A perfect combination of exercise and relaxation.

Skiing or snowboarding seems very tiring, but winter sports are a golden combination between exertion and relaxation. Nothing is better than recovering on the sun-drenched terrace of the ski lodge after a day of kilometers on the slopes.

6. You get tanned super fast in the winter sun.

Not the main goal, but it's a nice bonus: because of the many hours of sunshine between the high peaks and the reflection of the snow, you can get a tan super fast! Actually, you can call it a winter sun vacation. 

Just a tip: don't forget to take off your goggles every now and then, otherwise you'll look like a raccoon in no time!

Prepare wintersport zonvakantie

7. Children also have a great time on winter sports.

Where the entertainment staff at various summer vacation destinations can only keep your children busy for a few hours, a ski instructor will have no trouble keeping them busy for a whole week. From early morning until noon, your child can join one of the ski classes so you don't have to worry about them!

8. Always a white Christmas!

If you go on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, you are guaranteed a white Christmas. Skiing during Christmas is generally a bit busier, but definitely worth it! Some ski resorts have special events during this period, such as a fireworks show at New Year.

9. No inconveniences that you have in the summer.

No sand between your toes, no hand towels by the beds ... In short: nothing but benefits! 

10. Après ski of course!

Après ski should not be missing from this list. Have you ever seen a good après-ski party in an all-inclusive in Turkey? Neither have we! 

Enjoy the best Schnapps, Jägermeister or beers while listening to the worst sing-alongs. If it's really fun, the temperature during après-ski will automatically rise like that in Gran Canaria.

In short, if you are not convinced yet - then we do not know it anymore! Would you like to book your winter sports already? Then don't forget to prepare in time at SnowWorld. In our blogs you can read how! Still want to hit the slopes or take a lesson before you go on winter sports? Then book your piste time or a lesson.

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