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Adventure Bachelor Party

Starting at
32.50 p.p.
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Adventure Bachelor Party

Is your best friend, sibling, or someone else you know getting married soon? Then the Adventure Bachelor Party is just what you're looking for. All bachelors gather to go on an adventure during this bachelor party of, literally, high level! After all, you only get married once, right?

  • On request
  • Duration +/- 3,5 hours
  • Starting at 6 people
  • Activity Zoetermeer: 1 activity of your choice
  • Activity Landgraaf: Climbing park + 5 rides Alpine Coaster p.p.
  • Drinks (1 hour): Snacks and unlimited drinks (draught beer/house wine/soft drinks)
  • Optional: Crazy outfit for the bachelor/bachelorette (deposit)

What can you expect from the Adventure Bachelor Party in Zoetermeer? - € 32,50 p.p.

After days, weeks or maybe even months of preparation, the time has finally come: the bachelor party. At a real bachelor party, a funny outfit for the bachelor cannot be missing. So the bachelor gets to put this on immediately upon arrival. You then start the day actively: an activity of your choice in our climbing park. Do you choose climbing or wall climbing or one of the other activities found under the heading 'Activity of your choice'. A bachelor party isn't a bachelor party if there hasn't been a drink. You will enjoy one hour of drinks with appetizers and unlimited draught beer, house wine and soda after your activity.

What can you expect from the Adventure Bachelor Party in Landgraaf? - € 39,95 p.p.

It's finally here: time for the bachelor party. Upon arrival, the bachelor may immediately put on a funny outfit. After all, this should not be missing on a day like this. The day starts immediately active. You will climb for an hour in the climbing park and take 5 rides in the Alpine Coaster for each person. Who goes down the fastest? No bachelor party without drinks! After climbing, you will enjoy one hour of drinks with appetizers and unlimited draft beer, house wine and soda. A guaranteed good time.

Activity of choice Adventure Bachelor Party Zoetermeer
Climbing park - 90 minutes, min. 8 people, helmet and climbing harness included
Wall climbing - 90 minutes, min. 8 people, max. 50 people, including material
Raft building and sailing - 90 minutes, min. 8 people, max. 40 people. More people by arrangement
Archery - 90 minutes, min. 8 people, max. 30 people. More people by arrangement
Adventure Games € 9,- surcharge  90 minutes, min. 20 people, max. 90 people
Canoeing - 90 minutes, min. 8 people, max. 20 people.
Supervised by instructor (1 per 10 participants)
Stand-up paddling - 90 minuten, min. 8 people, max. 8 people.
Supervised by instructor (1 per 10 participants)
Add-on second activity
Teambuilding & Fun activities in the snow
Excl. ski pass, excl. equipment
€ 9,- All locations
Snowman wrestling with tube gliding
Excl. ski pass, excl. equipment
€ 9,- Landgraaf
Climbing park (excl. Alpine Coaster) € 23,95 Landgraaf
Climbing park & 5 rides Alpine Coaster p.p. € 29,95 Landgraaf
1 ride Alpine Coaster p.p. € 2,95 Landgraaf
5 rides Alpine Coaster p.p. € 12,50 Landgraaf
Trail Hunt € 7,50 Landgraaf
2 drift sessions icekarting p.p. € 37,- Rucphen-Breda
4 drift sessions icekarting p.p. € 67,- Rucphen-Breda
Wall climbing € 22,50 Zoetermeer
Climbing park € 19,95 Zoetermeer
Raft building and boating € 22,50 Zoetermeer
Archery € 22,50 Zoetermeer
Canoeing € 20,- Zoetermeer
Stand-up paddling € 20,- Zoetermeer
Adventure Games € 22,50 Zoetermeer

Prices quoted are per person.

Add-on hospitality

All packages can be extended with a reception, lunch, drinks or dinner in a winter ambiance. We will gladly think along with you to make your package complete so you can enjoy a pleasant day without worries. View all possibilities here.

Terms and conditions
  • All prices include VAT.
  • The packages are valid all year round.
  • One package choice for the whole group.
  • Additional activities or catering possible at extra cost.
  • Booking in advance is required.
  • No discount is given on packages, this is already a reduced rate.
  • Not valid in combination with other promotions/discounts.
  • Administration fee € 8,50.
  • General terms and conditions apply.

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