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FAQ Ski slope

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for an overview of all Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not listed? Then please contact us on +31 (0)85 90 20 606.

Ski slope

Do i need to make a reservation for skiing independently?

You need to reserve a time slot online both for skiing and snowboarding independently. Equipment hire is optional, and this can be done while making your reservation: there is always plenty of equipment available. We are ready to welcome you 365 days a year.


You can easily make a change to your visit date or time slot via our webshop or via the link in your booking confirmation. You can do this up to one hour before your original timeslot. We charge a surcharge of € 2.75 per ski pass. Keep your booking number and e-mail address of your order at hand. Need help? You can find an extensive step-by-step plan here.

NB! Changing your visit date and/or timeslot is only possible for your entire order. Do you want to change individual passes? Please contact us, at least 60 minutes prior your visit.

No date changes can be made for tickets that have expired, been cancelled or had a refund.

What is the validity of my ski pass?

Ski passes purchased at the checkout are valid only for the day of purchase.

Tickets purchased online via snowworld.com, with a pre-selected date and time slot, are only valid on the chosen date and time slot. Are you unable to attend? Then use our date-change module in the ticketshop, for a fee.

By default, all tickets are subject to 5 minutes of free overtime, after that the rate of €0.35 per minute applies.

Is equipment included when you purchase a ticket?

No, you can add the preferred equipment to your order during the booking process.

I forgot to add equipment to my order

You can make an extra booking in the ticket shop for equipment only. Select the option “Rental equipment”.

Does the time on my ski pass keep running out when I leave the piste?

Your ski pass timer always stops when you leave the piste within the allotted time. The timer starts running again on your return to the piste. So you can feel free to occasionally leave the piste without the time on your ski pass running out.

Can I snowboard at SnowWorld too?

Absolutely! You can bring your own board, or hire one from us.

Am I allowed on the piste to accompany someone?

You are only allowed on the piste with a valid ski pass. If you want to be there with your children, partner, family or friends, you must have a ski pass and go skiing or snowboarding yourself. You can of course watch the pistes from our atmospheric piste restaurant. In the meantime, you can enjoy a sandwich, mug of soup, snack or a hot meal. But there's coffee, hot chocolate and apple strudel there ready for you too!

What sizes equipment do you have available?

Sizes ski and snowboard material

Ski shoes Size 24 to 50
Snowboard shoes Size 24 to 49
Kids clothing Size 104 to 164
Adult clothing Size XS to XXXL
Do you have enough equipment in supply?

We always have enough equipment in supply!

Is wearing a helmet compulsory?

SnowWorld enforces a helmet compulsory at all facilities. All guests entering the slopes are required to wear a helmet. Not in possession of a helmet? SnowWorld will provide a SINNER helmet free of charge.


I booked a lesson and want to change the date

To have your lesson moved, you will need to fill out the form on this page. Select the topic “I have booked a lesson and want to move it”, fill out the form, and our ski school will contact you as soon as possible.

I booked a lesson and want to cancel

We recommend that you cancel your booked lesson at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson, we offer you the following options:  

  1. The lesson will be rescheduled to another date and time (subject to availability).
  2. An online credit will be created for you that remains valid for a year at the latest and can be used at our locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  3. Finally, a refund of the entire purchase amount can be chosen. 

If a cancellation is made within 24 hours before the start of the lesson, the above options are cancelled. In this case, we offer a refund of 50% of the purchase amount regardless of the reason for cancellation. 

If we are not notified of the cancellation in writing before the lessons starts, all possibilities for compensation expire.

I have credit for a lesson or course, how can I use it?

The credit for our lessons and courses can be redeemed on this website. Need help? You can find an extensive step-by-step plan here.

What happens when I miss a lesson?

You can book a catch-up lesson for a reduced price, or use your ski pass for free skiing.

Can you take a private lesson with more people?

Yes, up to 4 people can participate in one lesson. Our advice is to book this lesson with participants of the same level and age group.

Can I get both ski- and snowboard lessons in one lesson?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, for each lesson you will have to choose between skiing or snowboarding. If you want to learn both, you will need to book separate lessons.


How can I pay on location?

You can only pay with card at our location. Cash is unfortunately not accepted.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

The temperature is -5°C on the pistes at SnowWorld. Warm clothing is recommended, and gloves are compulsory. A helmet is compulsory.

You can hire a ski suit and helmet from us, while gloves are available for purchase only.

Can I hire ski clothing at SnowWorld?

Yes, you can hire a ski suit, boots, and helmet. Gloves can be purchased.

Are lockers available?

There are always plenty of lockers available to store your things. You pay € 2,50 a time.

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are welcome at SnowWorld, provided they are accompanied and on a lead. Dogs are not allowed on the pistes.

Are spectators allowed as well?

From our restaurant, spectators can easily watch what's happening on the pistes.

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