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4 week snowboard course

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4-week snowboarding course

Adults (from 13 years onwards) can follow a 4-week snowboarding course at SnowWorld Landgraaf. In 4 weeks, you will have 4 lessons of 85 mintues to get to grips with snowboarding. During these 4 days you will be standing on the board with an instructor for at least 6 hours.

  • For every level
  • 4-week course
  • 85 minute lessons per week
  • Qualified instructors
  • Equipment rental not included

Levels 4 week snowboarding course

Beginner snowboarding adults

How does the course look like? The goal of this course is that the participants will start on the first day without any experience. The instructor will lean how to handle the board and the bindings followed by a first introduction in gliding and breaking. Eventually a first start will be made taking easy curves. The goal is to slide down on the last day by yourselves.

Intermediate snowboarding adults

What does this course look like? This course is the follow-up of the beginner course (level 1). When you would like to start with this course, it is advised that you are familiar with snowboarding in general. With this course you’ll continue with the making of turns on your snowboard. In the beginning of the course the supervisor and you will make a small descend in order to get feeling with the snowboard. After this the course will continue and you’ll gain more control over the snowboard.

During the course the tempo will increase slowly and the focus is on a firm base. The end goal of the course is that you will be capable of descending in a safe and cautious way from the slope.

The group will consist of a maximum of 8 participants above the age of 13 under supervision by a skilled instructor.

Advanced snowboarding adults

Adults (age 13 or above) can apply for a 4-week course at SnowWorld. This course looks as follows. Within this course you will follow snowboard lessons 4 times a week with a duration of 1.5 hours each. This means that per week you will spend 6 hours on the ski slope each week.

This course is the follow-up of the light advanced course (level 2). The main goal of this course is that with the help of the techniques that you get taught within these 4 weeks you will be more relaxed on your snowboard. Due to this, you will net get tired that fast, the chances of an injury will decrease and most important you’ll start to enjoy snowboarding more and more! During the course you get taught to use your whole body while snowboarding, you’ll work on a rhythm while snowboarding, increasing your velocity in a controlled manner and your turns will be fine-tuned. The ultimate goal is that at the end of the course you are capable of descending the slope with carve turns.

The group will consist of a maximum of 8 participants above the age of 13 under supervision by a skilled instructor.

The group will consist of a maximum of 8 participants above the age of 13 under supervision by a skilled instructor.

There is no minimum participant number for skiing/snowboarding courses. Tip: classes are often smaller in the summer and pre-season, so you can get more intensive lessons then.

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