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Club SnowWorld

Including annual pass
82.50 per maand


Are you an advanced skier or snowboarder and do you want to train in a group all year round? Then Club SnowWorld is something for you! The Club SnowWorld season consists of 40 training sessions at the same time and day of the week with a fixed group and trainer.

  • Skiing or snowboarding throughout the year
  • For advanced skiers and snowboarders only

Club SnowWorld

As a member of Club SnowWorld you are automatically a season ticket holder and besides unlimited access to all Dutch SnowWorld locations you are offered 40 training sessions per year outside school holidays*. These training courses take place at the same time and on the same day of the week with a fixed group and trainer. During the training sessions, various topics relating to skiing and snowboarding are dealt with. Training sessions will be devoted to such topics as slalom, technique and freestyle.

There will always be an intake before you sign up for a membership. This intake always takes place during the last regular training of the month. We do this to ensure that the participant can be assigned to the right group to get the best out of him. Membership is always possible at the beginning of each month for a minimum of one year. 

Age categories

Kids skiing/snowboarding 6 to12 years
Teens skiing/snowboarding 13 to 17 years
Adult skiing/snowboarding From 18 years
Masters skiing/snowboarding From 55 years

Specifications Club SnowWorld

Prices Club SnowWorld

Kids up to 12 years

€ 75,- p.m.


€ 82,50 p.m.

Prices do not include equipment rental. Equipment rental costs € 22,50 p.m.. 

  • 40 training moments per year (outside of the holiday periods)
  • Includes annual card (excluding equipment rental) for access to all the SnowWorld locations in the Netherlands
  • Basic skills, piste etiquette, carving, slalom, and freestyle tricks (snowboarding)
  • Enrolling is possible every first day of the month, for a minimum of a year
Acceptance requirements
  • You will have completed at least one advanced course (level 3) at SnowWorld or a similar course elsewhere.
  • Selection is done by Club SnowWorld instructors.
  • You must be able to use the drag lift independently.
  • Skiers must be able to descend the highest slopes safely and responsibly at speed, roughly parallel.
  • Snowboarders must be able to make cut turns, switch turns and jump over a small ramp.


  Skiing Snowboarding
Block 1 General technique Basic training Slopestyle
Block 2 Slalom Basic training Box
Block 3 General technique Basic training Ramps
Block 4 Freestyle / Tricks or Skills assessment Training week Basic training Rail
Block 5 General technique 3 with Buckel Expert Training Slopestyle
Block 6 Demo skiing Expert Training Ramp
Block 7 General technique with Skills assessment Expert Training Box & Rail
Block 8 Slalom Skills Assessment - Contest

Every block consists of 5 training courses.

Skiing yearly plan - 2022/2023


snowboarding yearly plan - 2022/2023


Sign up for Club SnowWorld

Please note: you have to follow a test training before you can register for Club SnowWorld. You can register for the test training by e-mail: skischool.amsterdam@snowworld.com.
Age category
Age category and time
Age category and time

Personal information

The start date is always on the first day of the month.
With direct debit you pay the first installment at the cash register. The remaining installments are debited monthly.
Before you agree, read the terms and conditions
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70 metres

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