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Parent and child snowboarding

1 parent for free
35.- p.p.
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Parent and child snowboarding

Together with our instructor you will tackle the slopes to have fun in the snow. This will start with an explanation of the equipment. After this the children can get to grips with skiing down over the snow in a fun parcourse in a controlled manner.

  • Help your child
  • 1 parent for free
  • kids from 3-7 years
  • 55 minutes
  • skipass included

Parent and child snowboarding

Using a special snowboard, with fixed ropes, children can be dragged over the flat area of the slopes. This will teach them to keep balance on the board. Thereafter its time to head to the practise slope to learn how to slide down. Here, the instructors will do fun exercises with the children to make sure they feel comfortable for their first few meters on the board. Because, to have fun is the most important thing!

You will not be standing on a snowboard, but you will help your child with the help of the instructor.

When, your child you feels that snowboarding is totally his/her sport you can opt for a few possibilities. From 8 years old they can take part in level 1 snowboarding classes or kidsfun

Piste 1

Blue piste

170 metres

Piste 2

Green piste

70 metres

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Fresh snow on all pistes
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