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Get started on real snow

When guest want to get acquainted with skiing or snowboarding, a trial lesson is the perfect way to go! During a first instruction lesson of 55 minutes, the basics of skiing or snowboarding will be learned in groups. You can start skiing from the age of 4, snowboarding is only possible from the age of 8.

Trial lessons Skiing

During the first lesson the basics of skiing will be learned in groups. Starting with skiing-explanations, followed by several exercises in the flat part. When the skiing posture is explained the skiing instructor will go up one of our practise slopes with the group. Here the group will practice going down the slopes in the right skiing posture followed by a few exercises. Thereafter its time to practice safe breaking tactics. Here they will learn the snow plow tactic, also know as “ski plough” in children’s terms. When the group masters this its time to go to the top of the practise slope and slide down in a controlled manner. When they succeed in doing so its team to give an introduction into taking curves.

Trial lessons snowboarding

These trial lessons will start with an explanation of the equipment followed by habituation exercises on one of our trial slopes. Because you can sometimes fall annoyingly, attention is also paid to how to fall safely. After this, its time to board down the slopes for the first time. This will happen with one foot fixed to begin with. After this the real snowboarding can begin and both feet will be fixed to the board. To make sure you feel comfortable on the board a few balance exercises will be practiced. During the last 10-15 minutes attention is paid to taking curves on the slopes. When, after this hour, you feel that snowboarding is totally your sport you can opt for a few possibilities. You can take part in weekend courses or one of 4 weekly courses. During these courses you will pick up where you left to master the true basics of snowboarding. Its best to sign up for the beginners course. 

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Kids (up to 12 years) Adults (ages 13 and up)
€32,50 €37,50

Includes ski pass and equipment hire (skis/snowboard, shoes and a SINNER helmet)

Trial lessons are at fixed times in groups of a minimum of 4. The learners instructor ratio is 6:1 for adults and 8:1 for children.

Piste 1

Blue piste

170 metres

Piste 2

Green piste

70 metres

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