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Ski and snowboard equipment hire

The latest equipment

It is -5°C on the slopes at SnowWorld. We advise you to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Gloves are compulsory. You can hire complete winter sports outfits from us, including shoes, ski trousers and jackets, helmets, skis and snowboards. You can also buy gloves from us.

Equipment at SnowWorld

We also have enough equipment in store!

Hire equipment sizes:

  • ski shoes: size 25 to 52 (EU sizes)
  • snowboard shoes: size 24 to 50 (EU sizes)
  • children's clothing: size 92 to 164 (EU sizes)
  • adult clothing: size XS to XXXL

SnowWorld hires out ski shoes from Atomic, snowboard shoes from Burton, carve skis from Atomic, snowboards from Burton (Twin V-Rocker) and helmets from SINNER.


What clothes do I need to wear?

It is -5°C on the slopes at SnowWorld. It is advisable to wear warm clothing and gloves are compulsory. A helmet is compulsory.

You can hire a ski suit and helmet from us and gloves are available to buy.

Do you have enough equipment in stock?

We always have enough equipment in store!

Is a helmet compulsory?

A helmet is compulsory for kids up to 12 years taking lessons and courses and is provided for free. A helmet is not compulsory for regular visitors, but we do advise it. You can hire a SINNER helmet from us for € 2.50.

Can I hire ski clothing from you?

You can hire a ski suit, shoes and helmet from us. You can also buy gloves from us.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Of course! Feel free to bring your own skis, snowboard and/or shoes. You can always contact us about other equipment.

Slope 1

Blue slope

140 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

140 meters

The status of the fun park

Slope 3

Red slope

300 meters

Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

Kids' world

Green slope

30 meters

For the little ones.

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