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Apply for a discount card

Enjoy all the slopes of SnowWorld

Enjoy the snow more often? With a discount card you have access to all SnowWorld locaties! Ideal for the avid skier!

Prices discount cards

Discount passes Adults Kids (under 12)
12-month pass € 725,-* € 630,-*
3-month pass € 255,-** € 225,-**
Monthly pass € 125,- € 100,-
12-month pass € 270,- or € 22,50 per month*** € 270,- or € 22,50 per month***
3-month pass  € 67,50** € 67,50**
Monthly pass € 30,-** € 30,-**

Please note that the above equipment rental can only be purchased in combination with a discount card. 

*Total amount must be paid in advance in one go, monthly direct debit is possible, not on invoice

**Total amount must be paid in advance in one go, no direct debit, not on invoice

***Total amount must be paid in advance in one go, not on invoice, monthly direct debit is possible if 12-month card also runs via direct debit.

Additional benefits

  • Acces to all SnowWorld locations in the Netherlands
  • Bring a friend promotion: € 5,- discount on a 2 hour ski pass, 4 hour ski pass and day pass
  • Free breakfast for the first night at Alpine Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf

Terms and conditions per benefit

View terms and conditions per benefit here

Apply for a discount card

De zomervakantiekaart is geldig in de maanden juli en augustus.
SnowWorld Zoetermeer offers you the possibility to rent a locker. These are bigger lockers than you are used to, so you have the possibility to leave your skis/snowboard and shoes with us.


The rent of this locker amounts to € 20,- per locker per month and is only possible during the term of your advantage card.

We ask a one-time deposit of € 20,- for the locker key. You must pay this deposit in advance at our reception desk.


  • Renting a locker costs € 20.00 per month and must correspond with the duration of the discound card. After this period a new agreement can be made, the agreement will not be automatically renewed.
  • Tenant pays the total rental amount including € 20,- deposit prior to the rental period. If the key is lost, the € 20,- deposit is forfeited. SnowWorld is in possession of a spare key.
  • The locker is for the exclusive use of the lessee. Subletting of the locker is not permitted.
  • The locker is not transferable.
  • Covering or decorating the locker is not permitted. In the event of damage or dirt, the costs of repair or cleaning will be charged to the lessee.
  • SnowWorld is not liable for any theft from and/or damage to the tenant's property in the locker.
  • In case of misuse, SnowWorld may terminate the rental agreement immediately.
  • No refunds can be made for early termination of the agreement.

Personal data

Read the  general terms and conditions before you accept.
Slope 1

Blue slope

140 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

140 meters

The status of the fun park

Slope 3

Red slope

300 meters

Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

Kids' world

Green slope

30 meters

For the little ones.

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