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SnowWorld Corona update

Via this page we will keep you informed about the Corona measures taken by SnowWorld.


SnowWorld closed

Due to the current COVID-19 measures issued by the Dutch government, all SnowWorld venues are closed. This includes Ayers Rock Zoetermeer, Icekart Rucphen, Indoor Skydive Roosendaal, SnowWorld Healthclub Zoetermeer and the stores of Duijvestein/Mount by Duijvestein.

You'll receive an email with the applicable procedures if you:

  • Booked a lesson, course, or kids activity
  • Booked a stay in our hotel

Purchased gift cards can be redeemed after reopening.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you again soon.

Team SnowWorld

Slope 1

Blue slope

140 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

140 meters

The status of the fun park

Slope 3

Red slope

300 meters

Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

Kids' world

Green slope

30 meters

For the little ones.

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Snowworld Zoetermeer
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SnowWorld is closed till 19 January. 

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