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Healthclub ZM groep mensen

Healthclub SnowWorld Zoetermeer closing

The Health Club will be closing for good on 1 February 2022. Due in part to the great uncertainty around COVID-19 and given SnowWorld's focus as a leisure company, we have concluded that there is little prospect for continuing to operate. Because of the Covid restrictions, the Health Club is currently closed until 14 January. If the measures permit us to reopen on 16 January, we will let you know by email.

We can understand that you may have questions regarding the closure of the Health Club. From 3 January onwards, we will be happy to address any questions or comments you may have!

Slope 1

Blue slope

140 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

140 meters

The status of the fun park

Slope 3

Red slope

300 meters

Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

Kids' world

Green slope

30 meters

For the little ones.

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