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Cool Runnings SW ZM

The coolest day out!

sledge building, competition + Fondue
62.50 p.p.

Cool Runnings

Enjoy the coolest day out at SnowWorld! This activity is not just about speed. Fun, teamwork, creativity and challenges also play an important role.

  • Sledge building
  • Competition against other teams
  • Fondue included

Cool Runnings

Set out in a team: design and build your own sledge together. Who is the ultimate builder, the most creative artist or the perfect team leader? You'll definitely find out here! The challenge will be to perform together so team building is key. Together you will work out a plan of action, look for suitable materials, and build and decorate your own sledge before trying to slide down the slopes as quickly and skilfully as possible. There is also a prize for the fastest and most creative team, but this will be a surprise.

Finish off the day with a delicious fondue in our restaurant. 

  • Minimum 20 people.
  • 2-hour Cool Runnings building and competition activity
  • Unlimited fondue/barbecue*

€ 62.50 p.p.

*) From 1 October to 31 March we serve the fondue, from 1 April to 30 September we serve the barbecue.



Due to the RIVM guidelines, Cool Runnings is (temporarily) limited. Contact the reservations department to discuss the possibilities.

Fondue contents

  • Choose from cheese, meat or fish fondue
  • Unlimited reorder
  • Vegetarian possible
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Cool runnings team

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Slope 1

Blue slope

140 meters

Slope 2

Blue slope

140 meters

The status of the fun park

Slope 3

Red slope

300 meters

Steepest indoor slope of Europe!

Kids' world

Green slope

30 meters

For the little ones.

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