Getting ready for the slopes?

5 reasons why you should go indoor skiing!
Soon we will be making our way into the mountains again, ready to make some serious snow angels and shine with our non-existent signing skills at the après ski parties. But most importantly enjoy riding down the slopes again with that smoothness and ease we had at the end of the last season. Unfortunately, for some of us, the first day or two aren’t as smooth as we always hope. If you are still a beginner the first days are more or less needed to get your confidence back until you remember that you actually did kick ass last year. And even as an experienced rider you have this nervousness and perhaps a bit of hesitation when entering the funpark for the first time of the season.

You have nothing to fear, indoor is here.
This year we thought we would try out something new and get ready for the pistes even before we enter actual winter wonderland. Therefore, we went to the indoor ski resort SnowWorld in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands and had a look at the slopes, the lessons and the atmosphere. Okay perhaps we also checked out the Glühwein. But that was just for research purposes.

To be honest we love the mountains and for us being in the mountains is part of the whole experience, which is why we had our doubts about indoor skiing. However, at the end of those two hours at SnowWorld we left the parking lot with a massive smile on our faces and an even bigger excitement about the coming winter season. And here are our five reasons why....

It is not as crowded as you think. 
We expected lots of people on three small slopes and no space to actually do some proper turns. But even though we dared to try out all on Friday afternoon during a school vacation (I know. No risk no fun right ;)) we were super surprised that the length and number of slopes allows all visitors to take their space and enjoy the riding.

A tip from our teacher: the mornings are even more quiet and as in the mountain ski resorts the pistes are clean. So if you want the slopes for yourself, try and go early in the morning during the week if you can.

Snow!… real snow!?
Perhaps it is the fact that we are getting old and cannot remember the real feel of snow over a few months but it does seem like real snow. We were surprised and curious and found out that SnowWorld has unique snow machines, which they have constructed themselves and can only be found in Zoetermeer and their other location in Landgraaf.

Snow guaranteed!
Weather forecast? - Who needs that? Well, you don’t if you decide to hit the indoor pistes today. So whether it is 40° outside or a monsoon strikes, there will be snow and you will be skiing. Pretty great, right?

Hello confidence!
After having my first snowboard season last year I was a bit nervous about getting back on the board. The good and excited kind of nervous of course. But nervous. However, already after two hours of riding I felt a lot more confident, as did Pauline who is an insane rider. Being back on the board once before we will conquer the slopes again gives us a safe feeling. So now, up to the top of the mountain!

Take lessons now and rock later!
Talking to some teachers, we actually found out that lots of people take lessons at SnowWorld before going on their actual holidays. We never really thought about this upfront but actually there are some good reasons why this is a smart idea. First of all, you practice in safe and less crowded environment. Secondly, you don’t have to spend the first two days on the baby piste alone. Instead you are already able to ride with the rest of the group. At last, you can improve your skills and impress the ladies and gents once in the mountains.

Make sure to check out SnowWorld Zoetermeer
Need more reasons to go visit SnowWorld? Here are some nice facts about the ski resort. In total there are three pistes, two blue and one red one with 10 lifts that will get you up to the top again in no time. SnowWorld Zoetermeer offers you the steepest slope in the Netherlands (22°) with a total length of 300m. The area also includes an indoor snowpark at which you can practice your tricks the whole year around. If you don’t have any equipment, don’t worry, you’ll be able to rent everything that you need! (Skis, ski boots, snowboard, snowboard boots, winter clothes, helmet)

Our tips for you guys
It’s pretty cold in there. It doesn’t seems like it but in order to make the snow, the indoor skiing hall has a temperature of -7°C. The good thing is that snow is guaranteed. So wear your normal winter sport clothes and don’t forget your gloves! Get the proper mountain feeling by getting a Glühwein at the Bar after your skiing session. It is just the cherry on top of your snowy day ;) Now that you are probably already dressed and about to jump in the car, here you find the directions and opening hours to hit the piste at SnowWorld Zoetermeer.

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