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Kids festijn

Kids festivals during holidays

fully catered afternoon
32.50 p.p.

Outing during the holidays

The most fun outing during the holidays! Book a whole afternoon full of sports, games and fun.

Kidsfunweken 4-12 jaar


  • 1 hour of ski or snowboard lessons
  • shoes & skis or snowboard
  • surprise activity
  • children's menu
  • certificate & medal

Kids Festival at SnowWorld

A fully catered afternoon for kids from 4 to 12 years during the holidays! Includes ski or snowboard lessons with a certificate, medal and children's menu.

€32.50 per child 


  • reception and change rooms
  • ski or snowboard lessons - snowboarding from 8 years
  • change rooms
  • surprise activity*
  • children's menu

*Activity may change depending on the holiday.

The Kids Festival takes about 3 hours.

Sunday 12th of April 14:00 Easter

The Kids Festival will go ahead with at least 4 participants. Based on availability, full=full.

Book the Kids Fest

8-12 year
Niet zeker welk niveau skiles je moet kiezen? Klik hier.

Niet zeker welk niveau snowboardles je moet kiezen? Klik hier.

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Due to the corona virus, we are temporarily closed until the 6th of April 2020. This also applies to Adventure Valley. Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf is open.

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