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SnowWorld Landgraaf Cool Runnings

The coolest summer day out!

sledge building, competition + BBQ
57.50 p.p.

The coolest day out in Limburg is at SnowWorld of course! This day out is not just about speed. Fun, teamwork, creativity and challenges also play an important role.

  • Sledge building
  • Competition against other teams
  • Including table barbecue

Cool Runnings

Go into battle with a team of maximum 5 people: design and build your own sledge together. Who is the ultimate builder, the creative artist or the perfect team coach? You'll certainly find out during this package! The challenge is to perform together, so teamwork will be in demand. Together you'll work out an approach, look for the right materials, and build and decorate your own sledge before sliding down the slopes as quickly and skilfully as possible. We also have a great prize for the fastest and most creative team, but that will be a surprise.

Finish off the day with a delicious table barbecue on our sunny terrace. This will take place indoors if the weather is bad.

  • From 10 people
    • For less than 20 people, a surtax of € 3,- per person is required
  • Maximum 5 participants per team
  • 2-hour Cool Runnings activity, sledge building and competition
  • Unlimited table barbecue
  • Can be booked until the 30th of September 2019

€ 57.50 p.p.

Want to book Cool Runnings from the 1st of October 2019?

Click here

Barbecue contents

  • Homemade burgers
  • Satay chicken
  • Marinated pork
  • Beefsteak
  • BBQ sausages
  • Fish or vegetarian options also available

The barbecue contents may vary. We can replace the meat with a vegetable skewer, meat-replacement products or even fish (salmon, tuna, butterfish and scampi) for vegetarians. Fish in addition to meat on the barbecue is available for a surcharge of €5.00 p.p.

Cool Runnings SnowWorld
Cool Runnings team slee

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400 meters

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Blue slope

400 meters

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50 meters

Children's slope

Green slope

20 meters

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Snowworld Landgraaf
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Due to the corona virus, we are temporarily closed until the 6th of April 2020. This also applies to Adventure Valley. Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf is open.

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