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Mountainbike packages Amsterdam

Starting at
47.50 p.p.
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An adventurous group outing with family, friends or colleagues? Then you've come to the right place at SnowWorld Amsterdam. Mountain bike through the course in the nature reserve of Spaarnwoude. You always get a snack and drink as a welcome. Also want to have lunch and hit the slopes? Discover our three types of mountain bike clinics and decide which one you want to do with your friends, colleagues or family.

  • On request
  • Duration +/- 3, 4 or 5,5 hours
  • 10 to 15 people

Specialized Mountainbike Clinic

€ 47,50 p.p.

  • Reception: Coffee/tea and Apfelstrudel
  • Activity: Specialized Mountainbike Clinic (2 hours)

Specialized Mountainbike Clinic Deluxe

€ 69,95 p.p.

  • Reception: Coffee/tea and Apfelstrudel
  • Activity: Specialized Mountainbike Clinic (2 hours)
  • Lunch: Lunch buffet Saas-Fee

Specialized Mountain Day

€ 107,50 p.p.

  • Reception: Coffee/tea and Apfelstrudel
  • Activity 1: Specialized Mountainbike Clinic (2 hours)
  • Lunch: Lunch buffet Saas-Fee
  • Activity 2: 1 hour ski pass (including equipment)

What can you expect from our mountainbiking packages in Amsterdam

You start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and an Apfelstrudel to get you in the spirit. Then an unique Mountain Bike Clinic awaits you, which we are organizing in collaboration with Visker Cycles. You will ride a route on the beautiful course of Spaarnwoude. In addition, you will also get tips and tricks to improve the adventurous course.

Do you choose for arrangement Specialized Mountain Bike Cilinic Deluxe? Then you will enjoy our delicious lunch buffet Saas-Fee after the mountain bike clinic. Will you have a soup, sandwich with fresh fillings, hot dog sandwich or all of them? You'll certainly enjoy it.

With the Specialized Mountain Day, you'll head into the ski hall after lunch. Snowboarding or skiing down the slopes with your colleagues, friends or family. Who will be the fastest down?

Terms and conditions
  • All prices include VAT.
  • The packages are valid all year round.
  • One package choice for the whole group.
  • Additional activities or catering possible at extra cost.
  • Booking in advance is required.
  • No discount is given on packages, this is already a reduced rate.
  • Not valid in combination with other promotions/discounts.
  • Administration fee € 8,50.
  • General terms and conditions apply.

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