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Father's Day at the ski resort....

..where all fathers stand out

FATHER'S DAY! The day when all fathers, as well as grandfathers, brothers, uncles and sons are allowed to be put in the spotlight. Don't leave your dad out in the cold, or do, and give him an unforgettable day out to the snow at the ski area from here. Do you surprise him with a table barbecue or will you take him out on the slopes? On this page we will tell you what to do on Father's Day at the ski area from here, SnowWorld!

Our father's day tips

Table barbecue
Take a moment to put your dad in the spotlight and spoil him with our delicious table barbecue! Take this moment to have a nice chat while enjoying a tasty table barbecue within reach. A nice drink with good company is the recipe for success for a successful Father's Day.

Tip: a perfect warm-up after a day in the cold snow!


Important to know about the table barbecue

Enjoy a delicious table barbecue on our sun-drenched terrace, bookable from Monday to Sunday between 17:00 and 21:00. If the weather is bad, the barbecue will take place inside in one of our restaurants. You can order unlimited extras at all table barbecues.

€ 19,95 p.p. (meat) € 27,50 p.p. (meat)
€ 24,95 p.p. (fish) € 29,95 p.p. (fish)

We serve a standard meat barbecue. Fully vegetarian is also possible.

Table barbecue at SnowWorld Landgraaf
Table barbecue at SnowWorld Zoetermeer
Table barbecue at SnowWorld Amsterdam
Table barbecue at SnowWorld Terneuzen
Table barbecue at SnowWorld Rucphen-Breda

Other tips for Father's Day at SnowWorld

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