Club SnowWorld

35 weeks of ski or snowboard lessons, annual pass included! Snowflake

Entry requirements

  • completed at least level 3 at SnowWorld or proposed by a SnowWorld instructor.
  • the selection will be performed by Club SnowWorld trainers.
  • you must be able to use the lifts independently.
  • you must be able to ski safely and responsibly down piste three using short turns and rough parallel turns (skiing).

Age categories

  • kids skiing from 6 to 12 years
  • kids snowboarding from 8 to 12 years
  • kids and teen freestyle skiing from 8 to 17 years
  • teen snowboarding from 13 to17 years
  • adult skiing from 18 years
  • adult snowboarding from 18 years

Club SnowWorld Kids: € 67.50 per month
Club SnowWorld Teens: € 75.- per month
Club SnowWorld Adults € 75.- per month

Club SnowWorld membership

Are you an advanced skier or snowboarder and are you keen to train all year round? Then Club SnowWorld is for you!

  • training under the supervision of a professional instructor from September to May (except school holidays).
  • free training from June to August.
  • including an annual pass for both Zoetermeer and Landgraaf.
  • basic skills, piste rules, carving, slalom and freestyle tricks (snowboarding).

Calendar Club SnowWorld

  • Click here for the season calendar Club SnowWorld Landgraaf.
  • Click here for the season calendar Club SnowWorld Zoetermeer.

New at Club SnowWorld!

Are you looking for a new skiing challenge? From the winter season 2014/2015, we are offering Club SnowWorld Freestyle Skiing to Kids & Teens (ages 8 to 17)! Contact us for more information or a taster training session.