Kids fest

A one-hour ski or snowboard lesson and a delicous children's menu, during the holidays.

Kids Fest 4 to 12 years

  • 1-hour ski or snowboard lesson*
  • piste access
  • gear rental
  • children's menu
  • snowy medal and certificate

*Snowboarding from 8 years

Price: 32,50 per child

- reception and changing clothes
- ski or snowboard lesson
- change clothes
- surprise activity*
- kids menu
- the end

*Various activities depending on holiday

Kids fest (Saint Nicholas) 28th of November 2018 15:00h
Kids fest (Christmas) 23th of December 2018 13:00h
Kids fest (Christmas) 25th of December 2018 13:00h

A minimum of four participants is required.

Choosing the right level

Are you unsure about the level you should choose for lessons or courses? The videos below will help you make a choice.

Level 1-4 ski

Level 1-4 snowboard

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