Terrace Zoetermeer and Landgraaf

You can enjoy a delicous barbecue of relaxing drink on our sun-soaked terrace...
Barbecue terrace

Barbecue terrace

Enjoy a delicious (table)barbecue* on our sun-soaked terrace. If the weather is bad, the barbecue will be in Bistro SnowWorld. 

The barbecue consists of:

  • chicken satay
  • home-made grilled burger
  • barbecue sausage
  • tender marinated spareribs
  • marinated chicken breast

Served with: baguette with aioli, chips, mixed salad, various sauces.

Note; the contents of the barbecue can vary.

Children (till 12 years): € 13.50
Adults: € 17.50

If the weather doesn't permit, the barbecue will be served in the restaurant from the grill.

* table barbecue only in Zoetermeer

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p.p. € 17,50

Terrace Zoetermeer



In the summer you can sit on our sun-drenched terrace for a lovely lunch, barbecue or simply relax and enjoy a drink.

Terrace landgraaf