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Big Snow Break!

Big Snow Break!

Skiing and snowboarding makes you hungry!

  • 2 hour ski pass
  • Tiroler Schnitzel XXL (350 grams) served with French fries and green salad

Expand to 4 hours € 6.-
Expand to 8 hours € 8.-
Schnitzel XXL without ski pass € 17,50

Valid from March 6 to 31, 2017, excluding gear rental.

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€ 51,45
p.p. € 39,95
Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch

On Easter sunday and Easter monday you can enjoy a luxerious Easterbrunch. Brunch is served from 11.30h till 14.30h and includes:

Hearty chicken broth 
Oven-fresh rolls, white and brown bread and croissants
Easter bread with almond paste
A selection of sweet bread toppings
Ham, salami, roast beef and cream pâté
Smoked salmon with dill
Mild and mature cheese
Various salads for bread, including egg salad and tuna salad
Seasonal salad with spring dressing
Meat croquettes
Savoury puff pastry bites
Boiled eggs
Chicken vol au vent
Limburg sour meat stew
Potato tartlet au gratin
Full loin of veal, carved at the buffet
And finally, our dessert buffet:
Chocolate mousse, Bavarian cream, fresh fruit, various ice-cream cakes and cream
Plus, don't miss the chocolate fountain!

Coffee, tea, milk and orange juice are included in the brunch.

For our younger guests:
We have French fries with chicken nuggets, mini frikandel sausages, apple juice and Fristi

Children (4 to 12 years of age): €12.95 
Adults: €24.95

Add 2 hour ski pass for €20 (normally €33.95)

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Starting at € 12,95
Easter Fondue

Easter Fondue

  • choice of cheese, meat or fish fondue
  • chocolate fountain

Children (4 to 12 years of age): €17.95
Adults: €24.95

Add 2 hour ski pass for €20 (normally €33.95)

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Starting at € 17,95

Booking by phone?

Would you like to book by phone? SnowWorld is here for you:

SnowWorld Landgraaf: +31 (0)45 54 70 700
SnowWorld Zoetermeer: +31 (0)79 3 202 202



You and your family, friends, colleagues or business contacts can enjoy a delicious cheese, meat or fish fondue in our unique winter sports atmosphere.

Children till 12 years: € 16.50
Adults: € 23.50

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Starting at € 16,50


Enjoy a delicious brunch every Sunday! In Landgraaf from 11.30 - 14.30 hour and in Zoetermeer from 11:00 - 14:00 hour.

The brunch includes:

  • homemade seasonal soup 
  • a selection of breads and rolls  
  • sausage rolls
  • cheeses, cold cuts and smoked salmon
  • jams
  • a selection of salads
  • hot dishes such as chicken ragout and meat stews
  • scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and waffles with hot cherry cakes and a selection of pastries
  • chocolate fountain with various sweet treats
  • fruit

The brunch includes unlimited tea, coffee, milk, freshly squeezed orange juice, apple juice, Fristi and cold chocolate milk.

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p.p. € 19,95
Bistro SnowWorld

Bistro SnowWorld

You can enjoy a delicious 3 course menu at Bistro SnowWorld. The concept is simple. Choose a starter, main course and dessert from the menu for € 24.95. Dishes can also be ordered separately.

Fondue & Ski Special

Fondue & Ski Special

  • 1 hour ski pass
  • fondue of choice (cheese, meat or fish)

Children up to 12 years € 27,95

Expand to:

2 hour ski pass € 14.- (children € 10.-)
4 hour ski pass € 20.- (children € 17.-)
8 hour ski pass € 22.- (children € 19.-)

Valid from October 1st, 2016 until March 31st, 2017. Gear rental not included.

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€ 43,45
p.p. € 34,95