About us


The history of the various legal predecessors of SnowWorld dates back to 1996, when SnowWorld was set up by Koos Hendriks. In the same year, SnowWorld opened an indoor ski centre in Zoetermeer with two 160-metre slopes and various places to eat and drink. A third slope, measuring 210 metres, was opened in 2001.

In 2002, SnowWorld opened a second, larger site in Landgraaf with two slopes, one of 500 metres and one of 100 metres. A third slope (the fun park) and a fourth slope of 520 metres were opened in Landgraaf in 2003. This expansion makes the Landgraaf site the largest indoor ski centre in the world.

In 2007, the company took over the operation of all the existing fitness activities in Zoetermeer and Landgraaf and opened a fifth slope for beginners in Landgraaf. In addition, a hotel with 100 rooms and 420 beds was opened in Landgraaf in 2008.

A ski school was founded in both Landgraaf and Zoetermeer. In addition, SnowWorld rents space to Duijvestein ski shop at both locations.

A 25,000 m2 outdoor park was opened in Landgraaf in 2012.

In 2013, SnowWorld revealed its more far-reaching growth ambitions for its existing and successful concept. These ambitions are based on three pillars:

- the expansion of existing activities
- new construction projects
- acquisitions and consultancy activities

In order to gain possible funding for its growth strategy, SnowWorld obtained access to the capital market on 10 December 2013. As a result of the reverse takeover of Fornix Biosciences N.V., SnowWorld has been listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 10 December 2013. To improve its balance sheet ratios, SnowWorld then issued new shares on 19 February 2014.