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Media aanvraag

Media request

To submit a media request, we ask you to fill in the form below as accurately as possible so that we can process it.

Please note: Due to the busy times on the slopes and at the establishments, SnowWorld cannot accept media requests from 1 October 2022 to 28 February 2023. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Media request SnowWorld


Information about the recordings

Type of recordings
Do you need material?
These are also mandatory for the people who do not go skiing or snowboarding, but still go on the track. If you want to schedule recordings at Ayers Rock, Adventure Valley, IceKart or skydive, this does not apply.
A helmet is mandatory on all expressions recorded at SnowWorl. If you want to plan recordings at Ayers Rock, Adventure Valley, IceKart or Indoor Skydive, a helmet is not necessary in all cases.
Storage space needed?
Do you need catering?

Information about the contents of the recordings

For which channels do you want to use the recordings?
SnowWorld is clearly visible in the content
SnowWorld will be mentioned in the content
SnowWorld will be tagged in the content
SnowWorld may use the content for its own purposes
Do you have a budget available for this media request?
Read before you agree: the  General Terms & Conditions