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Group outings

All-inclusive - we can cater to your every need!
Starting at
24.95 p.p.

Winter-themed events

SnowWorld Amsterdam is the ideal venue for conferences or fun staff outings. For example, we run a BBQ workshop led by qualified Grill Masters. SnowWorld has various rooms available for your corporate event.



A wonderful day in the snow followed by a generous barbecue on our sunny terrace - the greatest summer outing in the Netherlands!

Day ticket includes equipment hire (skis/snowboards, boots and sticks) including unlimited barbecue


  • Eat as much as you like barbecue
  • Salad, chips and various sauces
  • Drinks not included

For 2 persons or more

SnowGames - From €24.50 per person incl. VAT

Good health is important for employees and an essential part of that is getting plenty of exercise. SnowGames consists of various competitive and relaxing activities. There is something for everyone, no matter what their age or fitness level. Winning is all about having the right combination of fun activities, creativity, and individual effort.

Activities in the snow

Sumo snowman wrestling Lederhosen running
Skipants hanging Beer tankard sliding
Langlauf relay race Giant darts

Package duration: approx. 1.5 hours

For groups of 15 or more 

Avalanche Rescue Games - € 25.50 per person incl. VAT

In this game an avalanche situation is simulated, with the goal being to find the missing person as quickly as possible.

How does it work?
Each team is given one item of rescue equipment and a stretcher The idea is to find the missing person as quickly as possible. Using the equipment provided they need to get the rescued individual up to ground level and erect a base camp. This team building activity makes an excellent add-on to your conference, being a great way of assessing how well staff members work together. The game lasts about an hour.

The perfect add-on to your conference. This is a great way of testing how your colleagues work together.

Deal duration: approx. 1.5 hours

For 10 or more persons. 

Workshops - Starting from €35,50 per person inc. VAT


Our "Making ice sculptures" workshop is one of the most popular activities for company outings and stag parties. Participants work in pairs, choosing a theme and then coming up with a design. The tutor explains the various techniques and give a short demonstration. Then the gloves go on and the real work begins. Each pair is given a a block of ice and an ice pick. A jury votes to select the winning sculpture.

Workshop lasts about 1.5 hours.

For groups of 15 or more
Prices start from €37.50 pp


This is a party for chocaholics! Learn from our chefs how to make the most delicious bonbons. First you make the plain, milk and white chocolate, then delicious soft centres, to create the most beautiful bonbons. Of course, you get taste them and then take a bagful home - if there are any left!

Workshop lasts about 2 hours.

For groups of 15 or more
Price €35.50 per person


At Rudi´s Bierstube our experienced bartender will show you how to mix and shake delicious, exotic cocktails! These also need tasting, of course! Guaranteed fun and educational.  but above all, delicious.

Workshop lasts about 1.5 hours.

For groups of 15 or more
Price €39.50 pp

Rudi's Oktoberfest - From € 34.50 per person incl. VAT

Always wanted to go to Munich's Oktoberfest? With German drinking songs playing in the background, there's beer served in traditional German 'steins', schnitzel bread and stew with curry sausages served by women in their dirndl skirts and men in lederhosen. Then grab the hammer and have a go at Tyrolean 'nagelbalken'. Of course, unlimited beer is served throughout, as is wine in generous glasses.


  • German bread with 'kräuter' butter and dips
  • 'Kalte platte' meats with rye bread, gherkins, radish, horseradish and potato salad
  • Bavarian soup with beef
  • Sauerkraut with curry sausage
  • Kaiser rolls with schnitzel
  • Mini brioches with organic burgers

Package duration: approx. 2 hours 

Rudi's Oktoberfest can be provided for groups of 20 or more.

Alpine party - from € 59.50 per person incl. VAT

Head into the mountains, where the party can begin. An Alpine party is about laughter, pandemonium, eating and drinking as much as you can (beer, soft drinks, wine), entertainment, games, cheesy songs and top 40 après-ski tunes for hen/stag parties, family gatherings, club events, and small and large company outings. In short, it's party time for everyone!



  • Tyrolean Alpine buffet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Great DJ

Deal duration: 4 hours plus

The Alpine party can be held for groups of 40 or more.

Bachelor party € 39.50 per person incl. VAT

Looking for an active and original bachelor party? Look no further! Combine snow fun, hilarious games and the real après-ski feeling!


  • Outfit for the bachelor*
  • 2 hours of slope access
  • Equipment hire (skis/snowboard and shoes)
  • 3 drinks (beer, soft drink or wine)
  • Ski board (appetisers)


  • Ski or snowboard instructor € 55 (Monday to Friday) € 65 (Saturday & Sunday)

Deal duration: approx. 3 hours.

For 10 or more persons. 

*We request you to pay a deposit for the outfit

Cool Runnings - €62.50 p.p. incl. VAT

Starting April 2020 at SnowWorld Amsterdam!

The coolest outing is obviously to be enjoyed at SnowWorld! This outing is not only about speed, but fun, teamwork, creativity and games also play important roles.

You get to work together in a team designing and building your own sled. Who is the best carpenter, creative brain or perfect team coach? You certainly find that out during these activities! You're challenged to perform together, with team building as the key word.

Together you decide on an action plan, seek out the right materials, build your own sled, and then pimp it. Finally, you compete with your colleagues, or friends from other teams, to try to whiz down the piste as fast and nimbly as possible. Naturally, we have great prizes for the fastest and most creative team, but that remains a surprise.

The day closes with a delicious fondue in our restaurant.

  • For 20 persons or more
  • 2 hours of Cool Runnings activity, building and competition
  • Unlimited fondue

Package duration: approx. 4.5 hours

For 20 persons or more
Price start at €62.50 per person.


  Kids up to 12 years From 13 years
1 hour extension of ski pass incl. equipment hire  € 10.00 p.p. € 12.00 p.p.
3 hour extension of ski pass incl. equipment hire  € 20.00 p.p. € 22.00 p.p.
7 hour extension of ski pass incl. equipment hire  € 25.00 p.p. € 26.00 p.p.
Ski- or snowboard instructor - June/July/August € 37.50 per instructor  
Ski- or snowboard instructor - April, May and September - Saturday and Sunday € 67.50 per instructor  
Ski- or snowboard instructor - April, May and September - Monday to Friday € 57.50 per instructor  

Coffee, tea and Apfelstrudel / cake

€ 6,50
Ski board cold 25 pieces (sausage/cheese) € 13,50
Ski board cold 60 pieces (sausage/cheese) € 27,00
Ski board hot 25 pieces (savoury nibbles) € 22,50
Ski board hot 60 pieces (savoury nibbles) € 33,50
Drinks package € 13,50
Refreshment voucher per piece € 3,00
Drinks sale/buffet/dessert Upon request
Vrijgezellenfeest groep bier bierstube apres ski
Avalanche rescue games
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