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SnowWorld Corona update

Via this page we will keep you informed about the Corona measures taken by SnowWorld.

Measures from January 15th

COVID-19 measures have been relaxed. This means the following for SnowWorld guests:

Leisure/sport Coronavirus rules
All of SnowWorld's core activities have been labelled by The Netherlands' safety regions as "sports activities". You must book a time slot for your visit on our website. SnowWorld's branches are open at regular opening hours. Your QR code will be scanned upon arrival. This applies to skiing, ice-carting, outdoor activities, skydiving, health club and GlowGolf.

Children up to the age of 17 do not need to have their CoronaCheck app scanned. Face masks (for guests ages 13 years and above) and social distancing (1.5 metres) are compulsory within our buildings, but not when skiing.

Coronavirus measures for catering
You cannot visit SnowWorld's restaurant and bars. The standard Coronavirus measures for catering apply here. You are not allowed to sit in these areas when waiting.

You will need to have your CoronaCheck app scanned for both for indoors and outdoors.
Visitors up to the age of 17 do not need to have their CoronaCheck app scanned.
Full capacity allowed

Coronavirus measures for events & hotels
One-day and multi-day (business) events can't take place.

Coronavirus measures for shops and other leisure
Our winters sports shops are open until 17:00.

These rules will come into force on 15 January and remain in effect until at least 25 January.

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170 metres

Piste 2

Green piste

70 metres

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