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SnowWorld Corona update

Via this page we will keep you informed about the Corona measures taken by SnowWorld.

Measures from November 28th

The Covid-19 measures have been tightened. This means the following for SnowWorld guests:

Covid-19 rules leisure/sport

All of SnowWorld's core activities have been labeled as sports activities by the Dutch government. You must book a time slot for your visit via our website. The SnowWorld venues are closed from 5 p.m.. Your Covid-19 QR code will be scanned on arrival. This applies not only to skiing, but also to ice karting, outdoor activities, skydiving, our health club and GlowGolf facilities.

Children up to the age of 17 are not obliged to have the Covid-19 QR code scanned. Face masks and keeping a distance of one 1,5 meters are mandatory in the building. Though a face mask is not mandatory while while skiing, skydiving, ice karting or sports.

Covid-19 rules catering

You can use SnowWorld's restaurants & bars until 5 p.m. The standard Covid-19 rules for catering apply here.

The same applies to both indoor and outdoor catering; having the Covid-19 QR code scanned.

Children up to the age of 17 are not obliged to have the Covid-19 QR code scanned. Full capacity of our catering facilities is available, based on fixed seating positions.

Covid-19 rules events & hotel

One-day and multi-day (business) events are allowed to take place. With every group size, the entire group is checked via the Covid-19 QR code. There is no maximum group size.

Corona measures for shops and other leisure activities

Our winter sports shops are open until 17:00. This also applies to the escape rooms (Rucphen) and The Park Playground (Landgraaf).


These rules take effect on November 28th to at least December 19th.

Change your booking

Due to the new Covid-19 measures, your reservation can be changed free of charge to another date and time. View the step-by-step plan, click here.

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