Personal guide climbing park!

Personal guide climbing park

Are you not keen on heights, but still want to conquer the climbing park? Then a personal guide will help! Not only will the guide be your helping hand, he will also tell you interesting facts about the surroundings and its history. A personal guide is also the ideal way to enable your children to climb under supervision.

A private guide will show you around the park for 2 hours. The fee for this is € 49.50.

Please note, a personal guide is certainly not obligatory. There are always staff instructors present in the park during regular visits. Max. 8 persons per guide, reservations required.

Fondue Special & climbing park

  • access climbing park 
  • fondue of choice (cheese, meat or fish fondue)

Expand with:
Alpine Coaster 5 rides € 9.95
Fondue Special without climbing park € 23.50
Privat guide € 49,50

During the winter months (October - March) for 8 people or more.

Crazy Summer & Climbing Park

  • admission to climbing park (or 8 hour ski pass)
  • barbecue

Alpine Coaster 5 rides € 9.95
Personal guide € 49.50 (2 hours)

Valid from 1st of April - 30th of September 2016.


Enjoy a delicious barbecue on our sun-soaked terrace.

The barbecue consist of:

  • chicken skewers
  • home-made grilled burger
  • barbecue sausage
  • marinated chicken breast
  • tender, marinated spareribs

Served with: baguette with aioli, chips, mixed salad, various sauces.

Note; the contents of the barbecue can vary.

Children (till 12 years): € 13.50
Adults: € 17.50

If the weahter doesn't permit, the barbecue will be serverd in the restaurant from the grill.

Book now! Personal guide climbing park

I would like to reserve:

If you require a private guide, please indicate. Max. 8 persons per guide.


Fondue of choice:

You will receive a response by email within 24 hours, either confirming your booking or suggesting an alternative. Please do not contact us more than once to avoid double bookings.


You and your family, friends, colleagues or business contacts can enjoy a delicious cheese, meat or fish fondue in our unique winter sports atmosphere.

Children till 12 years: € 16.50 
Adults: € 23.50

Meat fondue

  • brump steak
  • pork fillet
  • chicken breast
  • meatballs
  • mini schnitzels

Fish fondue

  • tuna
  • salmon
  • butterfly prawns
  • breadcrumbed mussels
  • butterfish

Cheese fondue
Melted Gruyere and Emmental with white wine, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

  • selection of breads
  • broccoli
  • cherry tomatoes
  • celery
  • mushrooms
  • cauliflower

The fondues are served with chips, mixed salad and assorted sauces.